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About a year ago I gave a presentation to a group of journalists about gadgets of the future and showed a video about a theoretical multi-touch computing system. When asked when we would see something like that in the wild, I optimistically ballparked 5-7 years. You can imagine my surprise when I walked into a room at Microsoft and found a fully functioning Microsoft Surface Computer (more than one, actually.)

I played with it long after the shoot was over. It’s incredible. And I know many of you have the same question I did; when am I going to have one of these in my house? Surface computers will start with Microsoft partners getting first shot at various public applications, you’ll most likely see them in action in Las Vegas first. Eventually prices will come down and production will go up and I expect we’ll all be waving through our playlists on our coffee table before we know it. You’ll also see in this video that wifi on the Zune can be used for more than just bursting a song or picture to a stranger.


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