WEB TV sur OBA et GROOVE avec MOSS 2007

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Une WEB TV importante car elle ouvre le chemin vers le BDC, LOB, OBA, vous ne comprennez pas tous ces acronymes  ;+)

Venez voir cette WEB TV sous 10 jors (fin sept 2007). Je suis aussi ATE au TECHED à Barcelone.


Président du Club MOSS 2007 et MUG

Vice-Président du Club OFFICE 2007
MVP MOSS 2007.


In the past, many companies have invested in point-to-point applications that bridged the gap but very often these applications are too restrictive, too tightly coupled and for that reason often more a burden than an improvement. Very often, the complexity of these bridges is underestimated due to the complexity on either or both sides of the bridge.
The last years we have seen an effort to set up service-oriented architectures with the goal of approaching this problem in a more loosely-coupled way, based on declarative protocols such as XML and Web Services and thus allowing for more flexibility.
Office Business Applications follow that stream and built upon the SOA thinking. The main focus of OBA is to leverage the comfort zones of the information workers as containers where different components are glued together to result in a composite user interface where everyone of the components is responsible for a certain functionality (such as communicating to a CRM system and retrieving contact information). Microsoft has invested a lot in making the 2007 Microsoft Office System an excellent platform to leverage as this container infrastructure for composite business applications. And that’s what you are are going to experience in the next three days.
Good examples of OBAs are Duet and the whole range of Dynamics products. Duet (http://www.duet.com/) is the joint project between Microsoft and SAP to build a solution that allows information workers to interact with select SAP business processes and data through Microsoft Office applications. Basically building a bridge between the Office System and SAP LOB systems. Microsoft Dynamics is another example where the Microsoft LOB systems like Microsoft CRM are hooked up with the world of the information workers.
Optionally point people to http://www.microsoft.com/dynamics/ and the many customer testimonials that are available over here
Many ISVs have already invested and have built great demonstrations of OBAs. Microsoft wants to push this further and make it easier for ISVs to jump on this extremely important bandwagon. The goal of OBA is to provide guidance in the form of reference applications, resources, training, guidance, templates, and support for building bridges for the results gap.
If needed here is more information about DUET:
SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) and Microsoft Corp. (NYSE: MSFT) today announced that they have deepened their relationship and extended their product road map for Duet™ software for Microsoft® Office and SAP, a solution that allows information workers to interact with select SAP business processes and data through Microsoft Office applications. The companies will jointly enhance Duet with additional business scenarios, platform capabilities and development tools. The upcoming version, Duet 2.0, is planned for the end of 2008 and Duet 3.0 is planned to be released soon after the next generation of SAP® Business Suite applications and Microsoft Office software, including Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server. This announcement from SAP and Microsoft underscores the companies’ continued investment in shaping the future of Duet to ensure that it benefits their joint customers. The news was released at SAPPHIRE® ’07, SAP’s international customer conference, being held in Atlanta April 22 – 25.
“Today’s announcement is a win for customers, another example of SAP’s ongoing tradition of co-innovation with partners and evidence of our continued commitment to our relationship with Microsoft,” said. Léo Apotheker, president of Customer Solutions and Operations and deputy CEO of SAP AG. “Duet started out as a revolutionary combination of two industry leaders and continues as the only commercially available product that is jointly developed and supported by both Microsoft and SAP. With this Duet road map, customers and partners can count on richer business scenarios, new collaboration features and simpler, more flexible ways for information workers to leverage their organization’s business processes and information.”
For organizations to succeed, all employees need instant access to relevant enterprise information and processes. Originally announced in April 2005, Duet is the result of groundbreaking collaboration between SAP and Microsoft which extends the benefits of SAP to information workers through the familiar Microsoft Office environment. Duet makes SAP applications useable right away without the need for training on a new user interface.
“The incredible level of interest in Duet by our customers motivated us to share specifics around the future direction of the product,” said Jeff Raikes, president of the Microsoft Business Division at Microsoft. “The broadened capabilities of Duet coupled with the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server integration will bring businesses new value and people the tools to help them drive business success.”
Duet is a model for how applications perform in the age of enterprise service-oriented architecture (enterprise SOA). Combining the power of enterprise SOA capabilities in the coming versions of SAP® Business Suite applications, Microsoft Office software and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Duet will help customers create software building blocks that they can use to easily deploy and customize Duet without disrupting their current IT infrastructure. As a result, Duet continues to be embraced by customers and partners with more than 250 customers and 400,000 licenses sold in less than a year. The upcoming features are based on feedback from this growing community of Duet customers.
Both industry leaders continue to co-innovate using their rich portfolios of enterprise SOA technologies to empower information workers with access to critical business processes and information, and collaborate via their preferred user environment. Following are some new features customers can expect in Duet 2.0 and Duet 3.0:
Enhanced and new business scenario support for sales and supply chain management, and other business scenarios – extended capabilities will allow sales professionals to manage sales leads and opportunities within SAP® Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) from Microsoft Office. Additionally, supply chain managers will have new capabilities for purchasing and legal contract management. There will also be support for selected governance, risk and compliance scenarios.
Expansion of Duet to support unstructured processes, information and team collaboration through embracing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Microsoft’s business productivity platform. The combination of SAP Business Suite and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server streamline the way people do business by truly connecting people, process and information.
Enhanced Duet tools and infrastructure interwoven with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, so customers and partners can customize existing scenarios and create new ones. New scenario templates and development tools allow organizations to adapt existing Duet scenarios and build new scenarios that meet their evolving business needs.

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