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Updated list of conferences on the road to the SharePoint Conference 2009

Crossed off 8 conferences on the list of SharePoint conferences and only 5 more conferences until the SharePoint Conference 2009!  Awesome!  Instead of redirecting back to the old post, here is the updated list:

June 22-24, 2009: Boston, MA
For three exciting days, you’ll be eating, drinking, sleeping, talking and living Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Windows SharePoint Services. The first day at SPTechCon Boston is filled with intense full and half-day workshops, half in the morning, half in the afternoon. The next two days are filled with more than 50 break-out classes to choose from.

New Zealand Community SharePoint Conference
July 2-3, 2009: Wellington, NZ
This will be the New Zealand conference to learn about SharePoint 2007 with expert local and international speakers presenting on topics that will help you understand and succeed with your SharePoint implementations and add real value to your organization and businesses.

Worldwide Partner Conference 2009
July 13-16, 2009: New Orleans, LA
The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) is an annual gathering that provides the partner community with a forum to learn about the latest Microsoft programs, strategies, and cutting-edge technologies.

Learning Gateway Conference
15th July 2009: The Belfry, Birmingham
We are proud to announce that the first conference dedicated to the Microsoft Learning Gateway is to be held on 15 July 2009 in Birmingham, UK. It is promising to be the best education SharePoint event this year for both technical and non-technical staff.

Best Practices Conference
August 24-26, 2009: Washington, D.C.
The Best Practices Conference is where you’ll find the smartest ideas, activities and techniques in practice today featuring top experts and industry leaders in both SharePoint and SQL Server, for even greater value. Attend tracks from one or both – at no additional cost.

SharePoint Conference 2009
October 19-22, 2009: Las Vegas, NV
Microsoft is delighted to announce the SharePoint Conference 2009 – the premier worldwide conference dedicated to SharePoint and related technologies.  This year’s conference will be looking towards the future with a broad array of deep content centered on the next version of SharePoint, codenamed SharePoint “14” and at the same time be firmly planted in the present, sharing real world experience and guidance to help you maximize your investment in SharePoint Server 2007.

Microsoft Tech Ed Europe 2009
9-13 November 2009: Berlin, Germany
Tech·Ed Europe 2009 will be focused into a single week for both the developer and IT professional communities.  Sessions and events are presented by Microsoft product team members and industry experts.  This conference is hosted by Microsoft.

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